Hunt A Killer: R.I.P. At The Rodeo

Take a closer look at my new immersive murder mystery game!

Here’s a closer look at my NEW immersive Hunt A Killer murder mystery game: R.I.P. at the Rodeo. Investigate the evidence, solve puzzles, decipher codes & find clues to figure out who killed a famous rodeo clown.

Suspects include a talented Escaramuza trick rider, shady rodeo promoter, beautiful rodeo queen, angry judge, jealous rodeo clown, shifty veterinarian & more. 🤠 🤡 💀

I created this game in honor of my uncle Rex Bugbee, who was a legendary pro-rodeo cowboy who sadly passed away recently. I like to think he’d get a kick out of this game. ❤️

Find my game at Target, Walmart, Amazon & Hunt A Killer.

More info here.


Bring back all the old-timey socials!

After seeing Elon destroy Twitter one glitch at a time, I have to admit I REALLY miss my community on LiveJournal. Granted, that would be the early 2000s, but still, this was a place to share thoughts while meeting new people who were interested in the same things. I met some of my best friends through LiveJournal. 

Nowadays, everyone (me included) has been joining every app ever that can hopefully replace Twitter. I've been on Twitter since 2007, and it was a fun space to be creative and meet new folks. But alas, Twitter is broken thanks to a millionaire who just wanted to break the most powerful social media tool in the world. 

I'm still on Instagram & Facebook but now trying to recreate the best parts of Twitter on other social apps like Threads, BlueSky, Mastodon, T2, and Post. 

But I'm also active on old-timey social sites like Tumblr, MySpace, and yes even here on LiveJournal. Fingers crossed we can ALL find a fun, non-glitchy place to hang out before another social media site goes down the tubes thanks to a greedy millionaire. 

Here I am lately if you feel like following me here and there:


Is anyone still here?

Now that Twitter is burning to the ground, I'm feeling nostalgic about the old days of LiveJournal. I met so many creative and interesting people via the LiveJournal community that I'm wondering if that's still the case today?

If anyone from the old LiveJournal years is still posting here, feel free to say hello. Who knows? Maybe we can bring back LiveJournal to its original heyday!