January 9th, 2005


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After chatting with almostgold about all the bad dates we've had over the years, I felt I should post one of the most infamous bad dates I've ever had. Prepare to laugh and cry at the same time. I know I did.

My Date With Cape Boy...

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Now I'm afraid of asteroids!

According to this article: The Odds of Dying

I have more of chance of dying from asteroids than a tsunami.
Of course, I also may be struck down by cancer before a tornado will do the job.

For fun, how many of you have survived some of the things on that list?

I'll go first:
Accidental Injury
Motor Vehicle Accident
Intentional Self-harm
Falling Down
Snake, Bee or other Venomous Bite or Sting

Your turn...
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Leaping buildings in a single bound...

This weekend I watched the
Jump London documentary.
I was in total awe of these British and French lads who literally run across rooftops, climb buildings and balance dangerously (sometimes upside down) on railings in the urban sport of free-running. It's completely crazy to watch them do this as though they could care less about gravity. It's like a circus act without the costumes and it makes you seriously rethink how cement structures can turn into a gigantic, dangerous jungle gym for these people. One missed step or miscalculated jump could kill them.

In this show, the "free-runners" jump between buildings -- doing some impressive spins and sommersaults as well -- on London's rooftops and some of the most interesting landmarks of the city (like on top of the Globe Theater, The Royal National Theater and even the decks of the HMS Belfast ship), scaring the crap out of the onlookers and tourists. They actually scale walls just using their bare hands and sneakered feet. At some point they look like real-life Spider-men! Suicidal Spider-men that is. They show a few accidents just to let you know this isn't the safest hobby in the world.

Given the heights of where they are jumping around without nets or any kind of safety nets, it makes you realize what kind of extreme sport it really is. And of course, it's fun to watch, but I don't think I'd ever try it. I can barely make it to the front door of my apartment without stubbing my big toe!

According the documentary, the sport is starting to spread rapidly across the United States, with many crews popping up in the Midwest as well as major urban cities.

More about free-running can be found here.
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Won't you be my neighbor?

So since my horrendous neighbor incident last week, and various other nagging issues about my neighborhood that keep me up at night, I'm actively looking for a new place to dwell.

I haven't given notice yet, but I am looking in both the inner and outer Richmond as well as Sunset neighborhoods. Today I went wandering around the inner Richmond with manraysky which made me relax a bit.
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