January 24th, 2005

Bettie Lunchbox

Weekend Update

Friday: Great afterwork din din with Kevin and Mary complete with lots of laughs and fried cheesecake.

Saturday: Sick, sick, more sick. I have one hell of a head cold. My eyes were watery & itchy and tummy did cartwheels all night, so I missed Replicator at 12 Galaxies. :-(

Sunday: Went to Casa de manraysky for French toast and a long walk. Cleaned apartment. Sorted more stuff to give away. Watched "The Simpsons" then went to bed *gasp* early.

This week will probably be one of the busiest for me at work since I'm trying to get a bunch of articles written and banked before my cool bossman heads for London. So if I seem distant or absent from the usual LJ banter, I'm not missing -- just workin' hard.
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