February 9th, 2005


My Kneecaps Hate Me

In the last 2 or 3 weeks, my knees have been KILLING me. Seriously. I can't even make a typical baseball catcher pose like the one to the right anymore. It's weird. I don't understand. I take great care of myself. I work out daily. I take a martial art. Heck, I even do yoga every Friday. Granted, I do sit at my desk for long bouts of time, and I sit in a car to commute twice a day. But that hasn't bugged my knees before.

I just can't figure it out. My knees don't "click" when I walk or work out, so I don't think I have floating cartilage or anything like that. But after I work out, and then go to my desk to work for awhile longer... I try to get out of my seat and can't. The pain is really intense right above my keecaps. When I try to massage them, it feel stuff moving underneath my fingers, like you'd feel a knot in someone's back when you give them a massage.

I do wonder if it has anything to do with me wearing my Oxford shoes that have a heel. It's not a real girly girl high heel, but it's got a chunky 2-inch heel on the shoe. For the next few days I'm going to wear my Kung Fu slippers to see i that makes any difference.

Ugh. All I know is that I'm hurtin' like hell. I may just have to spend the cash and go see a doctor about it... but I'd like to have some clue as to what might be the problem before I spend money to hear some guy in a white lab coat tell me not to lift any weights with my legs or try wearing different shoes.

Any thoughts out there?
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Journey Gets a Hollywood Star

The cover story entitled "Still They Ride" is all about the rise and fall of Journey -- and their recent STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

It starts off making fun of the fans (how dare they!) and then goes into a Behind the Music type story with quotes like:

"They were really unhip with the guys," Herbert elaborates, "because they weren't Ted Nugent, they weren't Aerosmith. They weren't hard enough. But if [guys] wanted to get laid, they'd better go to that show anyway, because all the girls were there. So what made us look a lot hipper than we were is that we had such a deep penetration -- no pun intended -- into the female target demographic."

And then it goes right into a cat fest where the new band members bitch about the old band members and vice vera. As you can read here:

Multiple attempts to reach Perry for comment failed. Luckily there's the effusive Herbie Herbert, who signed no such gag order.

"I think he never planned on actually performing with these guys," says Herbert, who himself ended his association with the band before Trial by Fire, ostensibly the result of a rift with Perry. "I think he dislikes them every bit as much as they dislike him. But they're just not that smart. I love Neal Schon like a son, but he's just never been the sharpest knife in the drawer.

"I said, 'Neal, [Perry] would come, and if you were drowning in the ocean' -- which in terms of Journey, that's a good metaphor -- 'he would show up in his luxury liner and offer you a life raft in such a manner as you would decline. Of course, if you had any self-respect at all. If you accept, well then you have no self-respect.' And that's basically what Jon Cain and Neal Schon did, they accepted."

And then it goes into talking about the new lead singer (Steve Augeri) who replaced a bitter and hip-challenged Perry, and whether or not Perry would show up for the Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony.

Read the full story here on SFWeekly.com.
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