February 12th, 2005


Bonnie Blog Finally Updated

Since I'm so addicted to writing in this lovely daily blog on LJ, and it's so easy to write and publish here, I've completely neglected my regular blog -- Bonnie Blog -- on my site Grrl.com.

So I took the opportunity last night to finish up January -- with plenty of photos of Karaoke and the ZAP festival -- as you can see here: http://www.grrl.com/blogjan2005.html

And started on February with my rant about being a slacker and another nod to my Star Wars Valentines Project here: http://www.grrl.com/blog.html

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Meet My Car -- Priscilla

Any of you who have had the privilege of being a passenger in my VW bug know that I think of my car as a friend. In fact, I named her Priscilla after Priscilla Presley.

And when I tell my friends this they think I'm nuts for naming my car. Of course, I come from a family who do this so I never thought anything odd of it. Our clunky truck was called Old Smokey (it wasn't exactly emissions-safe). Our other truck was The Green Machine. The Bonneville was the Bonnieville, and so on.

So tell me... if you named your car, what would it be?
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