February 13th, 2005


Things Happen When You Turn Off the Telly

This weekend since I waste away hours in front of my television, I decided to go 48 hours without TV to see what would happen. I got nervous and felt jittery most of Friday evening, but instead of zombification this is what I did.

Friday night:Saturday:Sunday:
  • Got the VW serviced and oil changed.
  • Bought new clothes for work.
  • Grocery shopped for much needed supplies.
  • Went to see the movie The Wedding Date to see if my screenplay is anywhere near the plot. It's not.
  • Wrote outlines for 5 chapters of my book.

As much as I love watching television to unwind after work, I think I may start weening myself off of it. I couldn't believe how productive I was without it. I could have had my screenplay and book done by now. Not to mention all the stuff I could have been writing for magazines and such. Ugh.
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