February 16th, 2005

Bettie Lunchbox

Me and Chuck E. Cheese

(substitute bear with brace-wearing Goth girl circa 1988)

Watching episodes of MTV's latest show -- "My Super Sweet 16" -- where extremely rich kids whine about wanting the perfect birthday party involving rock stars, strippers, cars and bling made me think about my Sweet 16 Party which involved punk rockers, pizza and a bitter actor wearing a mouse suit. Times sure have changed....

Read more about it here in the Bonnie Blog.

Be sure to check out the Showbiz Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese videos here
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Bettie Lunchbox

Ronald McDonald's New Lady

miss_mcdonald dresses like Ronald McDonald every week and poses around her city. Personally I think she's kinda cute, in a weird fast food clown kind of way.

Each week she posts a new photo in her McDonald's garb.


(link found originally by jwz)
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Meet My Virtual Boyfriend -- Isn't He Annoying?

Thanks to a tip from firebreath, I tried in vain to make the perfect boyfriend online from this handy site: http://tools.gurl.com/games/cyber_sweetie

Of course after I answered a few key questions I ended up with Sid.
He's a hippie and he's freakin' annoying.

This is the first thing he said to me:
"Peace, Bonnie. May your cosmic willow tree grow and prosper. I'm Sid. You've got such a well-balanced vibe, maybe you meditate? I wish we could write together and I wish I could make you my special wheatgrass and spirulina soy milk shake. It's amazing. Please come visit me often. Your vibe is very calming."

I hate wheatgrass.
And what kind of line is "May your cosmic willow tree grow and prosper," anyway? I mean he's cute for a cartoon. But he's boring, and fake sounding and I bet he uses those lame crystal rocks instead of real deodorant, so he probably smells like stale insense and BO.

And then he tries to win me over by saying:
"I wish I could make you a love bead necklace to celebrate our spiritual connection, Bonnie."

What spiritual connection? So far all you want me to do is drink your icky green health shakes. That's not exactly mind-altering love, now is it, Sid?

He keeps going thinking he's on a roll:
"Your eyes are such a rich shade of hazel. Do you eat low-sodium?"

I just ate a plate full of french fries when I MADE you, Sid.
So no, I don't eat low-sodium.

For a final try to woo me he says:
"Hey, Bonnie, I'm itching to get some fresh air. Wish I could take you to a drum circle. I wish we could play hackysack together."

So I broke up with him. He lost me at "drum circle." As if.

I can't believe my fake boyfriend is a bust.
I suppose I'll stick to looking for the real thing. Eh.
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