February 18th, 2005


Live Freaky, Leave Bored

Thursday night, I decided to hang out with one of my close pals, and an audience made up of a bunch of San Francisco punkers/hipsters, at the Roxie to see a weird stop-motion film called Live Freaky! Die Freaky! about the Manson Family featuring graphic sex & over-the-top violence.

Juxtapoz Magazine was sponsoring the film, and since I adore that magazine, I figured the movie would be cool. Plus the movie had voiceovers from some pretty interesting folks including Tim Armstrong (Rancid) -- who wrote it --, Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), and Theo (Lunachicks).
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Comics for Cheap

I don't usually do this on here, but if anyone here digs alternative comics and you want them cheap, I'm selling part of my comic book collection on ebay here.

There's some fairly cool stuff there such as the first issue of Stray Bullets, SlutBurger, Instant Piano, Slacker and Diary of a Dominatrix, but I also have some stuff from Strangers in Paradise, Art Babe, Beetlejuice and a few superhero comics including a rare Radio Shack tie-in with Superman, Wonder Woman and the computer kids of the Metropolis!

I also have assorted vampire-related comics...
yeah, yeah... I know -- save your Goth mocking in the comments section.
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Finally -- Relationships 101


most annoying quote:
But not Mike Toscano, a 21-year-old senior: "It's not 'Oh she looks cute and she cooked a pot pie,"' he says. "I want to be held once in a while, too, y'all."

*rolls eyes*


or you could skip the class and just read dating tips for teens with
my Relationships 101 primer here!

For more advanced dating tips I also have:
Dating Tips for Emotional Cripples!

Good luck, you crazy lovebirds!
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