February 21st, 2005


I'm Gonna Miss You, Hunter....

Hunter S. Thompson is dead
...by his own hand.
I wish it didn't happen, but I understand.
It seems suicide has always been on some level a "natural cause" of death for most great writers I've had respect for. If they don't shoot themselves, they OD or drink themselves to death.

I pursued journalism in high school because of this man. His take no prisoners approach to journalism opened up my eyes to what writing could be and accomplish. He made me think, laugh and want to visit Vegas on a regular basis.

It's really a shame. If there was anytime we needed your writing, it's now, Hunter.
You will be missed beyond my trite little paragraph of goodbye.
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In the Past 4 Days...

My weekends don't usually consist of go-go dancing, Chinese dragons, masses of stormtroopers, demon movies and a hero dying. But this wasn't a typical weekend...
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True or False?

Do you agree with this quote:

"Love does exist; however, only moment to moment and never for a lifetime.
Love fades."
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