February 25th, 2005


The Dark Side of Cake

Star Wars had a profound impact on my childhood. I would wear my hair like Princess Leia to Girl Scout meetings, daydream about my imaginary boyfriend Han Solo, and of course, pretend the family mutt was actually descended from Wookiees. And so now that I work for Lucasfilm, I find that some of articles that I write for starwars.com as part of my gig make me downright giddy.

When I found out that one of our licensees, DecoPac, would be making new Revenge of the Sith cake designs for various bakeries, I jumped at the chance to write the article. Not only are the new cakes pretty damn cool (one of them comes with a Darth Vader voice changer!), but it got me thinking about the old school Star Wars birthday cakes I coveted at all my friends' birthday parties. So as I wrote the story, I decided to include not only a slideshow of the new cakes for Episode III, but the old cakes we remembered from the '70s and '80s featuring C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

Here ya go:
Vader Takes the Cake
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