February 26th, 2005

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Free stuff you might dig....

I read magazines like crazy, and often notice that my weekly budget gets eaten up rather quickly from this habit of mine. So I'm always on the lookout for free mags. And because I'm such a chum, I'll share the info with you so we have articles to chat about later. ;-)

Check out the free stuff links here:
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I Think I May Have an eBay Problem...

When I go on eBay I don't look for normal things. Nope, I go straight for the weird crap. Case being today when I did a random search using the keywords: "fake food."

I'm on a search to buy a realistic plastic fake turkey, steak, a ham and a few sausages to decorate my pad. But I didn't realize how much is out there. Honestly, you could buy plastic deviled eggs if you really wanted to!

Of course, I'm making a real effort not to squander all my money away since I'm saving up to rent a bigger place, but I have to admit it was painful not to bid willy nilly on a few items like there:

Hot Dog with Pouring Mustard

Diner Style Grilled Hamburger,Fries,Ketchup

Grilled Hotdog With Mustard,Ketchup,Relish

Steak Au Pove

I obviously need help...as you can see more clearly here.
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