March 7th, 2005


No More Dead Bird Delivery For You!

saw this on and had to share with you cat owners here:

Smart cat door keeps cat from bringing dead animals into house
Here's another good message from the Make weblog: jmassaglia says, "The Flo Control Project uses a webcam to do facial recognition as authentication to open a cat door for the family cat. If the cat has something in its mouth or some other animal approaches the door, it does not open. If the cat approaches with nothing in its mouth, then the door unlocks."
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What Bonnie Did This Weekend...oh joy!

Friday eeeeeevening:
* Went to Michael's to get craft supplies for upcoming Star Wars kids' projects.
* Noticed that Michael's had nothing of what I need (brown fun fur, plastic for making boxes, etc., so I left with only a pillow form.
* Ate some McD's and did some late night writing.
* Read issues of Jane and laughed at my Delia's catalog full of starving hippies.

* Hung out with my pal Leigh Ann as she apartment hunted. I figured I could get more of a gist of what kinds of one-bedrooms are available when I do the same search over the summer. The ones we looked at were generally around $1400 and up, and not anything that I would get, though one of them on Corbett had a great view of the city.
* Proceeded to come home and watch a ton of movies I've been meaning to see but missed from being too busy:
The Hulk -- Loved the split screen and Jen Connelly. Hated the rest of the movie.
Finding Nemo -- LOVED the turtles and the humor. But does anyone else here think Disney has parent issues?
The end of Pieces of April -- which is the best part of the film anyway.

* Bought my balcony ticket for the Nine Inch Nails concert on April 27. Yipee.
* Read blogs and wrote a bit.
* Organized tax info and sent it off to my tax guy.
* Watched the following on the telly:
Red Dragon -- not as good as Lambs but still watchable.
Pirates of the Caribbean -- I could watch this over and over and over.
The Golden Bowl -- corset movie with Uma Thurman. Kinda dull.
Bollywood Hollywood -- I try and try. But I still don't like Bollywood films.
"The Sureal Life" -- I <3 Jane! And China needs mucho therapy!
"Fear Factor" -- Haven't watched this in years and now I remember why. I watched just the part where the supermodels had to fetch steel poles in a water tank full of gators. No bloodshed and super dull.
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I'm Such a Bea-Grrl!

I LOVE Bea Arthur's uber-fan site....
heck there's video footage of her smoochin some old geezer on the front page!

I adore her. She's so snarky. And tall!
The weird thing is, I know she's old, but she just never seemed that old to me in general.
But some of the recent pictures on her fan site make her look like Bette Davis old. Which is kinda sad to me.
I still think she's the bees knees...
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Dark Lord of the Seth

Read my story with Adam Brody, *ahem* I mean Seth Cohen here:
Dark Lord of the Seth: May "The O.C." Be With You
It's more about the fact that "The O.C." characters tend to quote Star Wars quite a bit, and the main character -- Seth -- is also an uber fanboy on the show. So that makes sense we'd be debuting the trailer to Revenge of the Sith this Thursday during their show.

The interview was with Seth in character (thanks to the show's creator and Star Wars fan Josh Schwartz). I had no idea that Captain Oats had such a Yoda quality to him. ;-)
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