March 14th, 2005


Paying gig for a comic book artist...

Posting for a friend:
Artist wanted for 24-page comic book to be published either monthly or
bi-monthly. Comic book is based off of the short film "BugGirl."
View BugGirl here:

The comic will be dark yet cute.

This is a paying job.

If you are interested contact:
George M. Dondero at

Pssst..... itsolivia, in_spite_of_all, goodwitchzinna,
fareldal, taxidermied and planetmatt
-- this might be up your alley!
Good luck!
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Laptop Woodies!

Originally posted from boingboing_net:

These are beautiful! They're made from old wine cases -- which is so Californian.
And aside from the chances fo getting splinters, I'd get one of these in a heart beat.

Read more about these amazing laptops here!


And my pal Teresa just told me about these wooden Swedx computers here.
You can buy them online in the US here.

Plus wooden CPU covers here.
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