March 16th, 2005


Free Fiona!

So awhile back missannethorpe posted about Extraordinary Machine -- an album that Fiona Apple had recorded TWO YEARS AGO and then numbskulls at Sony refused to release it because they "didn't hear a single" they could market from it. Known collaborators are producer Jon Brion and drummer Matt Chamberlain. The record consists of 11 tracks, and has been complete since May 2003.

Listen to the tracks here.

Since then the whole album has leaked online, DJ have copied the MP3s and have been playing it like mad, and SONY has been sending fans sites loads of cease and desist letters without a word on whether now that everyone wants to hear and buy this album, if they'll actually release it.

I for one think the record is pretty good. "Get Him Back" and "Extraordinary Machine" both sound a little too much like something in a musical, but "Oh Sailor," "Window," "Used to Love" and the rest of the record is pure Fiona -- with a bit different style than her other two records. Plus it's not any worse than the crap that Sony usually puts their full marketing force behind, so what gives?

I wish Sony would just release it so we can all appreciate it legally. If you want to really show your support, here's a suggestion from the folks:

Send something with an apple theme -- a fake apple, a photo OF an apple, a piece of paper with an apple sticker, a sketch of an apple - be creative! - to Andy Lack at Sony with a note attached about why you think they should release Fiona's record Extraordinary Machine. You can write a real letter or just scribble "Free Fiona!" on the envelope -- whatever you want.
Send your themed-package or letter to:

Andrew Lack
550 Madison Avenue
32nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

and you can always:
Sign the Petition!

"Suddenly on the Internet: A flood of unreleased bootlegs sung by a goddess. What gives?"
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