March 17th, 2005


New NIN Video "Hand That Feeds" is Up!

This just made my entire month!!!!

Click here for the brand new Nine Inch Nails video for the first single off the upcoming record With Teeth:
"The Hand That Feeds"
(link from
(be patient -- it takes awhile to load)
Here's the other link for it as well:

The new video sounds great....I can't wait until this album hits the airwaves...
That'll set those EMO kids back on their asses!

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Thanks Trent.
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Seth is My New Imaginary Boyfriend

Who cares that he's underage?
Who cares that he lives in Orange County?
Who cares that he's fictional?

He's my new pretend boyfriend.
(unless of course I swap him out for an unattainable musician)
Welcome to the O.C., bitch!

And because you all still like me even when I've finally gone completely mental,
here's your reward:

O.C. - Star Wars Montage video

O.C. - Star Wars Trailer Intro
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