March 25th, 2005


The Brawny Man Loves Me, He Really Does!

(link snagged from the lovely cyntergomes)

Remember the SNL skit with Christopher Walker as The Continental? If you swap out Walken and put
in a flannel-wearing hunk of a man (no, not George Lucas) -- you'll get the Brawny Man telling you you're beautiful as he saws wood and welds and plays a guitar in short custom-made films called "Innocent Escapes." Heck, he even hugs a mini-pony! What a man!

Click here to watch "Innocent Escapes".
(click on the "Innocent Escapes" panel then browse both types, pre-made and custom-made.)
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Easter Bunny Gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall

Best headline I've read all day.....

Easter Bunny Gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall

BAY CITY, Mich. - The Easter Bunny is hopping mad. Bryan Johnson, who portrays the furry character at the Bay City Mall, says he was pummeled in an unprovoked attack on the job. Police say the attacker was a 12-year-old boy who sat on Johnson's lap the day before the March 18 incident.

Johnson, 18, suffered a bloody nose. He kept his cool during the attack, deeming it inappropriate for the Easter Bunny to fight back. But he's not willing to forgive and forget.

"They (the sheriff's deputies) told me it was up to me, and I feel that the boy should be prosecuted," Johnson told The Bay City Times.

Johnson told Bay County Sheriff's deputies that the boy hit him in the face at least six times before running away.

Bay County Sheriff John E. Miller said the youth has been in trouble in the past. The case will be forwarded to the Bay County prosecutor's office next week for action, he said.

Johnson, meanwhile, is back on the job at the mall, where he had been working as the Easter Bunny for about a week before the attack.

"I just like getting the kids to laugh and have fun," he said. His job is to get his picture taken with children and make them laugh. That can be difficult because he is not allowed to speak while in costume.

Johnson said his 12-year-old attacker seemed perfectly happy the day before the incident. "Yeah, he came up and said, 'Hi,' and was sitting on my lap and talking," Johnson said. "He seemed OK."

But when he saw Johnson the next day, the boy didn't want to talk.

"He just started hitting," Johnson said.

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Help Me Build a Volcano!

Okay, so here's the deal.

I'm doing a craft project for the kids section on on how to build a working model of a volcano -- and I need help. I was horrible at science fair projects and I want this to be COOL. I mean really cool. I want an 8-year-old kid to see it and be all impressed.

I've Googled as much as one can in a 5-hour period and I still haven't found any directions online on how to make a working volcano model that actually looks like a volcano. I like the one that Peter built during that episode of "The Brady Bunch" where he ruins Marcia's party. Remember that one? Well, that's the one I want to build! It has to be cool enough to inspire the next generation of Jon Bergs and Brian Gernands!

So if anyone here wants to give me some pointers, or show me a site that will help, PLEASE DO! However, do not just send me to a google search. I already did that. (duh) But if you do have a link you want to send me on how to it -- it needs to have a photo with it so I know what it looks like. What can I say? I'm a VISUAL learner. And keep in mind, it has to be easy enough for kids to do...and me too! ;-)

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