April 3rd, 2005

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Sophie Update #2

Friday night I stopped by Steve and Sharon's to check up on Sophie. She wasn't feeling so hot but we finally got her to eat something -- ham & gravy baby food. She would only lick it off of Steve's fingers, but this was a big improvememt since she really hadn't been eating. She still wagged her tail when I talked to her but she was still not really up to snuff.

So Steve took her to a specialist the next day and they ran a bunch of tests, which actually ruled out tetanus after all. So it seems that she either just has a bacterial infection or her immune system is attacking her joints causing arthritis. Either way they sent Steve and Sophie home with two kinds of antibiotics, and also gave her some steroids so she could get around.

I showed up again on Saturday to hang with Steve and the dog, while Sharon was at work. This time around Sophie seemed to be functioning a bit more. She could get around and even though she was puttering around the house slowly she seemed in better spirits and she was eating the canned prescription dog food and drinking water on her own.

Last night I spent the night on the sofa bed, and Sophie slept in her dog bed next to Steve and Sharon's bed in their room. In the early morning hours around 5am, Sophie slowly came into the living room and actually JUMPED on to the sofa bed where I was -- which is huge since her joints are giving her so much problems. Then she curled up next to me and went right back to sleep. I was so happy she wanted to be near me, but of course so sad she was still not 100% perky pup.

She's peeing outside more (Steve still has to carry her downstairs) but at least she's starting to walk intead of wobble. Now she's asleep at my feet as I write this. She seems lethargic from the meds, but at least she's licking our faces and responding to us more.

The doc says that if it's what he thinks it is, she should be fine in a few days, if not then it's something else which may take months for her to fully kick it. But either way she'll be fine. And that's music to my ears.
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Giant Ewoks Invade Star Wars Galaxies

(originally posted on boingboing_net)

This year, Star Wars Galaxies showed their April Fools' Day spirit by adding a rampaging horde of gigantic Ewoks to the game!

Reports of extremely aggressive and unusually large Ewoks attacking cantina patrons and innocent bystanders waiting at star ports are pouring in from throughout the Galaxies. Intelligence accounts from the attack sites report armed Ewoks from the Panshee tribe shaking down people in popular cantina spots for food.

Read all about it here on MMORPG
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In Honor of the Pope

I finally posted all my Indulgence In The Park photos from last Easter weekend on my Bonnie Blog at Grrl.com!

I have to admit it was one of the best Easter Sunday's I've ever had, and I'm glad my pals Jennie-Sue, Kristen and her mom tagged along! They had a blast and it was great fun to see all the Sisters of Perpetual Indulegence, various drag queens, leather boys in bonnets and of course the odd selection of grown men in rabbit costumes.

And if you ever see The Ethel Merman Experience on a concert listing -- GO!
I can't believe they don't have a web site!

Click here for all the glorious photos!
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