April 11th, 2005


What the Hell is Wrong with My Car!? - PART TWO

Okay so part two of the "What the Hell is Wrong with My Car" saga...

Saturday morning I dropped off the car to Toscalito tire, in San Rafael, where I usually get all the work done on my VW. A couple of weeks ago my engine light went on and I drove it in to see what was up. They said my vacuum hoses are broken and they fixed it and the engine light went off. All good.

Then as you all know, my car did that thing where after driving it for almost an hour you hit the gas pedal to accelerate and you hear the engine rev but nothing happens. Folks here commented that it might be the engine coil (which was recalled on a lot of the new Beetles like mine) or the spark plugs were shot or the transmission needed some looking at.

So as I dropped it off Saturday for an oil change, I asked them to look at the spark plugs and check the transmission fluid and all that. Then since they would have her all morning, I got some brekkie then went to the book store in the mall.

After about 4 hours they called back and the conversation went a little like this:
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What the Hell is Wrong with My Car!? - PART THREE


Just got a called from John over at AAMCO.
Seems as though this is what they've deducted about my car so far:

1. They got inside the transmission tank and found that the fluid amount was high (so no leak) but that the entire inside of the tank was varnished and that all the fluid was burnt.

2. They took it for a test drive and noticed a delay going forward, in reverse and heard a "strange knocking/rattling noise" coming from the transmission.

3. My differential (whatever THAT is) is leaking.

4. They aren't going to replace the transmission, but will take it out of the car and replace damaged parts that need to be replaced.

Total cost SO FAR: $1,295

My pissed off thoughts: priceless
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