April 12th, 2005

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Flippin Awesome Legislation!

(Originally posted by dskasak, and
thanks to n0nnahs for pointing it out to me in the first place!)

From as far as I can tell -- it's to commend (and not to permit like I originally thought)
Jared and Jerusha Hess and the City of Preston for the production of the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

This is either the legislation thanking the director and writer for the film. Or something completely different. Initially I thought this document was the crew asking to film the movie in Preston, offering reasoning from the script on why the movie shows Preston, Idaho in a good light.
But then I looked at the date (April 5, 2005) and realized that this is way after the fact.

At any rate, the best part of this document is the fact that the legislation (or perhaps the Dynamite folks) are really reaching here to determine if moments in the film showcase Idaho in a positive light. I mean, does the fact that Rico eat only steak really help their local beef industry? Or is the Happy Hands club honestly a stellar "example of the importance of theater arts in K-12 education?" Or that "Pedro's efforts to bake a cake for Summer illustrate the positive connection between culinary skills to lifelong relationships?"

Uh huh. suuuure.

Read the original legislation here about Napoleon Dynamite:

I've bolded the ones I dig the most... heh heh.
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