May 1st, 2005


Having Fun Storming Indy: Star Wars Celebration III

When I took the job as an online content developer (that's code for online writer) at Lucasfilm I never thought that one day I'd be surrounded by Stormtroopers (or hit on by one for that matter). Of course, Stormtroopers (or Stormies as I like to call them) are probably the only guys I find attractive in uniform. But hey, that's just me. *ahem*
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Nine Inch Nails, David Sedaris and In-N-Out

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I'm a people person, just not a crowd person. But sometimes, I have to make the exception, join the huddled unwashed masses and attend a concert. In the last week I've managed to make an all-time personal record of going to two concerts back to back. Now granted, these couldn't be two more opposite crowds -- one listens to nothing but industrial, the other permanently sets the dial to NPR.
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