May 28th, 2005


Regarding imdb's Goofs for Episode III

My boss here at Lucasfilm -- Episode III set diarist and Online Content Manager of Lucas Online Pablo Hidalgo -- keeps an informative blog on our blog site:

Since he probably knows more about the Star Wars saga than many of the people who have worked on it -- he's quite the expert.

Recently he went through IMDB's Goofs List for Revenge of the Sith and found that they were way off base.

Click here to read more:
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Vader Abides...

Anyone who's my friend here knows my deep love for the sport of bowling -- and of course the film The Big Lebowski -- so it was no surprise that when I found out we were licensing bowling balls AND a Star Wars bowling league I had to be the one who wrote the story for

So here's the deal -- when you sign up to join the Star Wars Strike Force Bowling League at any AMC Bowling Center and other particpating bowling alleys -- then you are eligible to buy one of seven uber-stylin' bowling balls decorated with scenes from all 6 of the Star Wars films.

I had suggested that the balls be heads of various characters that have lost theirs in the films (that would make 3) and one of the Death Star itselfe, and also create an additional one in a design that featured the head of Jar Jar becuase it would be fun to throw -- but instead they decided to do tasteful designs. meh.

Here's my article if you want to learn more:
The Empire Strikes: Star Wars Bowling League
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Royal de Luxe Parade with a Giant Marionette Girl

(originally blogged by jwz)

Marionettes have always enthralled me. For a long time I eyed getting an antique Alice in Wonderland marionette to make stop motion movies with -- but never seemed to get around to it.

When jwz blogged about this magnificent gigant puppet parade complete with a very huge little girl and her even larger elephant, I had to repeat it here for you all to see.

I can't really tell from the story what's up since it's in French, but I think the images and the short video clips below are amazing!

There's more explanation here from someone who was there -- iflan. And another LJ blogger-- 3_nic -- said this about it: "That's one of Nantes' celebrations to commemorate Jules Verne. The theatre company took the elephant from 'The Steam House' and the barrel rocket from 'From Earth to the Moon' and wrote an entirely new story. And the town kept everything secret, just to recreate the surprise and wonder."

Here's the link to the original blog on it.

Check out the video from the site:
The Giant Girl with goggles on.
She rides her scooter backwards as the crowd follows.
Close-up of her mouth as it moves.

Video from iflan:
Little kids playing on her.
The Giant Girl rides her scooter.
The Giant Girl eats a lolly.
The elephant walks through the crowd.

More photos and video can be found here.
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