May 30th, 2005


My Hair Hurts!

I parted my hair on the other side today and as I was getting ready to relax this evening, I brushed my hair back to its normal part and OUCH. I mean O-U-C-H! My hair hurts. It's causing me pain as some sort of payback for the different hair parting from this morning.

I've never had this happen before. Sure, various organs and body parts have sought their revenge over my endless bad decisions -- exploding intestines from bad food, eye strain from forgetting to wear my reading spectacles, neck kinks from staring at Livejournal too long, back pain from bad posture, feet cramps from overly fashionable yet too-small shoes...

But this marks the first time every hair root has gone on some sort of mafia folicle torture trip. And my head is killing me!!! I should shave my head to teach it a lesson. But instead I sit here in pain trying to figure out how to make my scalp stop throbbing.

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