July 1st, 2005


Be Fair in Pit Bull Legislation -- LETTER

In response to the insane anti-pitbull dog legislation that the Calif. Senate is trying to pass on July 5, I felt I should stand up and write a letter to any of the politicians that would listen.

If you feel like writing your own letter explaining why you are opposed to SB 861
this weekend -- (The vote happens on July 5) --
then please write one letter and email it to the following:

Contact the bill sponsor and voice your opposition to SB 861.
Ask her to withdraw the bill from consideration.

The Honorable Jackie Speier
Phone: 916-651-4008, Fax 916-327-2186

And then send your letter to the following people who will be
voting on the bill July 5 here:

The Honorable Simon Salinas (D) [Chair]
Phone:916-319-2028, Fax 916-319-2128
Email: Assemblymember.Salinas@assembly.ca.gov

The Honorable Bill Emmerson (R) [Vice-Chair]
Phone: 916-319-2063, Fax 916-319-2163
Email: Assemblymember.Emmerson@assembly.ca.gov

The Honorable Hector De La Torre (D)
Phone: 916-319-2050, Fax 916-319-2150
Email: Assemblymember.DeLaTorre@assembly.ca.gov

The Honorable Guy S. Houston (R)
Phone: 916-319-2015, Fax 916-319-2115
Email: Assemblymember.Houston@assembly.ca.gov

The Honorable Sally Leiber (D)
Phone: 916-319-2022, Fax 916-319-2122
Email: Assemblymember.Leiber@assembly.ca.gov

The Honorable Joe Nation (D)
Phone: 916-319-2006, Fax 916-319-2106
Email: Assemblymember.Nation@assembly.ca.gov

The Honorable Lois Wolk (D)
Phone: 916-319-2008, Fax 916-319-2108
Email: Assemblymember.Wolk@assembly.ca.gov

As well as the nearest politician who represents you
(searches by your zip code.)

And don't forget to CC San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom here:

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