July 8th, 2005


Anakin sings Franz Ferdinand, Obi-Wan on Guitar

I did a story about this on starwars.com a few weeks back:
Obi-Wan on Guitar: Episode III Video Mod

We didn't get permission from MTV to post it on starwars.com
(something about music rights blah blah blah),
But the MTV2 site has the entire video online.
You have to watch a quick promo of the show first and then they play it.

1. Go here

2. Click on "Videos" in the nav bar.

3. On the left hand side scroll down to "Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out"
And click on it.

4. In the window viewer on the right it should show a promo for a show
and then the actual music video!

Best part is Obi-Wan on guitar and our little Yoda on the sticks.

Enjoy. I know I did.