July 18th, 2005

Bettie Lunchbox

Rod Stewart Clone Trooper?

I'm a big fan of art mash-ups that mix pop culture icons in with the weirdest situations. So when I can across Brandon Bird's art, I had to find out more!

Brandon Bird is the kind of artist who I would ask to paint huge murals in my house -- if I had a house. Best known for his "Law & Order" Coloring Book (which was sold a couple of year back at APE), his art occasionally pop ups in the oddest of places. In fact, the last page of the June/July issue of The Believer has his portraits in it including an amusing drawing of Dan Aykroyd break dancing.

Here's some of my personal favorites:

Plus he's got some great Star Wars-themed art as well:

I just bought a bunch of stuff of his on CafePress here. Be sure to check out his work!