July 22nd, 2005

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Gettin' Some Potter Action

(drawing by Ryan from American Greetings)

Remember when I briefly mentioned that I thought I may have given the Care Bears folks at Hallmark a bad impression when I met them at our Lucasfilm party at Comic-Con last week?

Well, first of all, they're not Hallmark, they're from American Greetings.
And Ryan, who I met at their table, assured me that I wasn't being an obnoxious SmartAlice like I had remembered.

In fact, they thought it was so amusing that I left the party early just to stand in line with a bunch of 12 year olds for a book I still haven't gotten around to cracking, that Ryan drew that nifty cartoon of me, the lads from American Greetings, and the dude that was hired to be a Wookiee but rarely left his head on. I really love this illustration -- it reminds me of an old-skool 1950s editorial comic, or something you'd read in The New Yorker. Plus I actually kinda look hot as a comic! (Thanks Ryan!) You can read Ryan's excellent blog here.

After I left the covetted Lucasfilm party, the gang and I headed to a Borders Books in the middle of a stripmall on the other side of San Diego to wait in line with a bunch of kids and their parents for the next Harry Potter book. I was wearing my "Republicans for Voldemort" shirt that I had previously bought at the Dumbrella booth at Comic-Con. But I was sort of disappointed that no one else dressed up. There was a witch there that I think the book store hired, and one of the store employees was passing out free Harry Potter glasses for folks to wear in line, but nobody else was dressed as their favorite character. No Lucius Malfoy, no Ron Weasley, no Sirius Black, no Hermione Granger, no Cho Chang, no Prof. Snape, no Albus Dumbledore, no Lord Voldemort, nothing.

But we had fun anyway. We were slightly intoxicated which probably helped, and we took way too many pics of us in line being goofballs, confusing the families that were there. But we had fun -- the kind Hagrid would have approved of.

Below are my lovely photos of me drunk in line for a Harry Potter book....
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