July 28th, 2005


Thanks for Putting Me in a Bad Mood, Mr. Citibank!

Just got off the phone for the 3rd time with Citibank.
Looks like someone used my credit card number on a card I never use.
And since I never got a bill, the late fees went up (making the total $112.62) and someone called to say that it would show up on my credit rating if I didn't pay it.

Nice, huh?

Since I didn't have my card on me, I had to go through the whole security process not once, not twice, but three times.

First time I went through the whole explanation and such and then they transfered me.
But they transfered me to collections, who after having to explain my situation a second time to them, said they couldn't help me because I had the wrong dept.
Then they gave me a number for the Fraud dept to call. (Apparently they couldn't transfer me).
I called the number -- and guess what -- IT WAS A WRONG NUMBER.
Then I went to the Citibank web site to look up their Fraud number.
Called it, went through the same security speech, told them what happened, and they said they can't do anything over the phone and that I would have to come to a Citibank branch in person to deal with it. Which isn't true at all. So I hung up on her.
Called the main branch again, and finally got to a real customer support person who spoke English and didn't hassle me.
She closed the account, issued me a new card, and is sending me paperwork for me to sign so I don't have to pay a fraudulant charge in April for something at Production Plus.
I have to wait until I get my new card in the mail before I can cancel my entire membership with them. Ugh.

I have never used this card. It was just a back up. And since I never got a billed or got any calls when late fees started to add up, I'm pretty convinvced that Citibank is at fault.

I wonder if this is how they make their money.

No more Citibank for me. What a freaking mess.
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Vader Goes to Prom!

I'm a huge fan of photographer Brian McCarty and his realistic toy photos. He's got a great interview for the hipster toy mag Hi Fructose -- blog here: hifructose -- about the different toy photo projects he's done -- including a dysfunctional family doll house and a monster wallowing in cupcakes.

So I got inspired and started to do my own photography at my desk.

When Vader dons a kilt and brings a bitchy Disney date,
all hell breaks out.

Grab a date and come check it out.
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