August 6th, 2005


Your name is....

Fun stuff with Google search....

Type "(your name) is" with the quotes into a Google search
Then pick out your favorite 5 responses.
Copy, then paste your responses in a comment:

Here's mine:
Bonnie Burton
1. bonnie burton is so apt at putting it.
2. bonnie burton is Leif Garrett in disguise.
3. Bonnie Burton is operating system ambidextrous.
4. Bonnie Burton is spearheading a write-in campaign to get Fruit of the Loom to make adult size Underoos.
5. Bonnie Burton is a diva of the internet- and funny as hell!

What's yours?

(idea snagged from the lovely deadlybloom)
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80-year-old Video Gamer all about Qbert!

Eighty-year-old Florida video gamer looks to reclaim world record
August 4, 2005, EST.

(CP) - Doris Self is used to turning heads when she plays video games.

"To find an 80-year-old white-haired woman sitting at an arcade game, it amazes them," she said.

Self's expertise is even more remarkable. The Florida resident is headed to Croydon, England, later this month in search of a record Qbert score at the Classic Gaming Expo-UK.

Self first tried her hand at video games some 22 years ago in Plantation, Fla. Her husband had just died and she found herself with time on her hands. That changed one day when her daughter took her out to the movies and then pizza at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

"After she ordered, she went over and started playing this game. I had never seen an arcade game before," Self said in an interview. "And she said 'Mom, come over here. I think you'll get a kick out of it.' Well mom got a kick of it. And mom started going to the arcade."

It was 10 minutes away from her house and open 24 hours a day, and soon Self became hooked on Qbert. It was too busy during the daytime so she went at night.
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One More Night...

I'm a music snob. I always have been. Even though I've jumped from punk to industrial to techno to indie throughout my life, it's all been good music -- stuff I was proud to admit my allegiance to.

But every time I'm take care of Sophie at my friend's pad, they have the kitchen radio set to an easy listening station, and since they have it on all day to keep Sophie from feeling lonely, I don't have the heart to change it.

Of course, I leave it on when I'm there too. And that's where the creepy part sets in. I realized after being here a few weekends in a row, and a full couple of weeks listening to the same 45 songs they play like clockwork -- I actually like Phil Collins...
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