August 11th, 2005


Long Live CBGBs

A civil court judge ruled Wednesday that the landmark punk club CBGB's can't be evicted from its Bowery location, saying it shouldn't be punished for not noticing it owed its landlord money.

The first time I ever stepped foot in CBGBs was 1991 when I went to CMJ during college to represent our measly underfunded college radio station - KUCB. I had read so much about all the iconic bands that played there from Black Flag to Sonic Youth. It was a mecca for new, exciting music. It should be a freaking museum.

Of course, when I first walked in all I could think was, "What a dump!"

It was a glorified hallway with a bar at the side and the tiniest stage I've ever seen. But that tiny stage was big enough for 7 Year Bitch, who made me realize when watched them eat up the crowd and spit them out -- that I wanted to be in a band. ANY band. I started to learn guitar again that week. I rocked out on my own, with pals, and of course sucked. But at least it made me want to try. And for that, I'll always love CBGBs.

But stay away from those bathrooms in the back. Biohazard in the worst way.
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Things That Go Bump at the Presidio

Ghostbusters find plenty to keep 'em busy at the Presidio
Team of sleuths gets the scoop on spooks

"Golemac's fellow ghostbuster, hypnotherapist Thomas Smith of Redwood City, says the team was drawn to the Presidio in September after a park police officer told them he had once seen zombie-like figures lining up in the dark waiting to enter Letterman Hospital."

Okay, NOW I'm excited about the Presidio move.
I can't wait until my desk starts shaking for no reason and
I get trapped in the elevator with angry spirits.

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