August 16th, 2005


Ani's Nothing But a Freeloading Drama Queen

This is bugging me for awhile. Perhaps it's my extensive history dating musicians who take up residence in my apartment, eat all my food, hog the remote, and remain brooding in my living room when they don't end up on MTV just for playing in a crappy indie band 5 people like.

So what's up with Ani living off of Padme?

Think about it. The Jedi don't get a weekly stipend, at least not one worthy paying rent on a sweet crib like Padme's place. And who pays for all that Ani has to eat to stay strong? Not to mention the fact that he's probably the type to eat a lot when he's depressed.

He's always at her place, when he should be bunking at the Jedi Temple with Obi and the others. He's always zipping back and forth in that Starfighter that you just know is a gas guzzler. He's got all those robes to dry clean. Not to mention the mechanical hand and R2 to maintain, which can't be cheap.

If I was Padme, I'd be annoyed. He broods around the house. He sleeps over all the time but never sleeps through the night without freaking out over some nightmare he's having. So she can never get a full night's rest.

I imagine Padme's Senate paycheck picks up most of the tab, but what does Ani do in return? He lurks in the shadows whining about visions. Runs off to secret meetings and then doesn't talk about his day. And the one time Padme gets involved in his work life, he shuts her up. He even complains about who's visiting her at her own place. Real smooth, Mr. Paranoia.

He goes to the opera to meet Palpy, but doesn't treat her to a night out. The only piece of jewelry he ever gave her was some crude charm made out of bone... Japoor Snippet but no diamonds. Not exactly bling. And then he decides to go off to Mustafar so they can "rule the galaxy together" -- yeah, how many times have us girls heard THAT one?

Basically his ego's writing checks his body can't cash. And I for one think Padme could have done better. Sheesh, he can't even play guitar.
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