August 24th, 2005


Mad for Mashups

When I get bored with the usual MP3s I'm always on a search for mash-ups (2 songs mixed together to form another kind of remix).

There's a great site called Mandatory Mash-Ups that has all kinds of mash-ups like:

The Hives VS Madonna

Fatboy Slim VS Rolling Stones

U2 VS Way Out West

But today, I was sent this lovely mash-up of Massive Attack and Kylie Minogue of "Slow Angel" and it's amazing.

Check out "Slow Angel" here.
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Assembly OKs bill on Calif. laws for pit dogs

Assembly OKs bill on local laws for dogs
Cities could create spay/neuter rules for vicious canines

Chronicle Sacramento Bureau
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sacramento -- In the wake of highly publicized pit bull attacks this year, the state Assembly passed legislation Monday allowing cities and counties to create local spaying and neutering requirements for specific breeds of dogs.
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