September 2nd, 2005


How You Can Help the Hurricane Victims

What happened during the aftermath of Katrina is a national tragedy, and the fact that help didn't get there fast enough made the situation that much worse. But even if you can't be there physically to help out, there's plenty you can do from home to make a difference. Here are a few suggestions. Feel free to spread these around on other blogs and emails. Thank you.

Red Cross: This is a no-brainer. Donate as much as you think you can, and be sure to check in with your employer, school or church to see if they will be matching funds too -- to double your efforts! Plus all this is tax deductible! So it's really ridiculous not to give at least a little bit. Plus from the latest reports I'm reading on boingboing, it looks like the Red Cross are the only ones on the ball down there, getting people the aid they need.

ASPCA and The Humane Society: The last thing people think of with relief efforts is the pets that were lost or injured. The people are suffering, but I know I would feel even worse if my pet was lost or injured due to this tragedy as well. So donate some funds to helping the destroyed shelters and pet causes as well. If your cats and dogs had checkbooks, they probably would. You're already shopping there, so you might as well make a donation.

United Mileage Plus: They have a link for contributing to the relief effort. For Mileage Plus members, they will deposit 500 miles into your account for donations of $50 or more. You can also donate your miles (minimum 1000 miles) to the Charity Miles program which will use the miles for transport of relief personnel and volunteers.

Offer up a Spare Room: On, people have been offering spare rooms to any hurricane victims that need a place to stay in order to get back on their feet. Even if you don't have a spare dwelling, just passing this link along to those who might, could be of some help.

Sell Your Stuff in a Charity Auction: Why not hold your own charity auction on Sell some stuff you don't want anymore or make an original craft/art and sell it on Ebay. Tell folks that all the money will go right to Hurricane relief and then once you have the payment donate it to the cause of your choice: Red Cross, ASPCA, etc. Also be sure to BUY things in charity auctions to do your part for the cause.

Play a Benefit Concert: If you're in a band or have pals in bands, why not have an impromtu concert and give the profits to charity? It doesn't matter how big the event is, as long as you care enough to hold it!
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