September 5th, 2005


Free Voicemail for Hurricane Victims -- pass it on!

(Originally posted by almostgold)

Please Spread the word!

Air America Public Voicemail
Air America Radio's Public Voicemail is a way for disconnected people
to communicate in the wake of Katrina.

Here's how it works:

Call the toll-free number above, enter your everyday phone number, and
then record a message. Other people who know your everyday phone number
(even if it doesn't work anymore) can call Emergency Voicemail, enter
the phone number they associate with you, and hear your message.

You can also search for messages left by people whose phone numbers you

Air America Radio will leave Public Voicemail in service for as long as
this crisis continues. You can call it whenever you are trying to
locate someone, or if you are trying to be found.

Obviously, for this to work, people need to know about it so please
forward the number to as many people as you can. You can find out more
about Katrina and the affected areas at
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Double your Donation!!

(originally posted by gatodama)

For those that want their money to go a little bit further ...
Warner Brothers, in conjunction with Ellen DeGeneres, is donating $500K plus will donate $1 for every $1 that's donated via Ellen's website (up to another $500K).
It's a great way to instantly double your donation. The URL is:

You can mail or ship non-perishable items to these following locations,
which have been confirmed are REALLY delivering services to folks in need....

Center for LIFE Outreach Center
121 Saint Landry Street
Lafayette, LA 70506
atten.: Minister Pamela Robinson

Mohammad Mosque 65
2600 Plank Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
atten.: Minister Andrew Muhammad

Lewis Temple CME Church
272 Medgar Evers Street
Grambling, LA 71245
atten.: Rev. Dr. Ricky Helton

St. Luke Community United Methodist Church
c/o Hurricane Katrina Victims
5710 East R.L. Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75223
atten.: Pastor Tom Waitschies

S.H.A.P.E. Community Center
3815 Live Oak
Houston, Texas 77004
atten.: Deloyd Parker
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