September 22nd, 2005


Customer Service Tip: Speak to a Human DIY

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The Find-a-Human database is a collection of touch-tone recipes that get you through big companies' voice-jail systems and through to a live operator. 800-201-7575 Direct to human

Bank of America: 800-900-9000 Hit zero twice, after menu choices play

Bank One: 877-226-5663 Press 0 thru the options to get a live person

Delta Airlines: 800-221-1212 say "agent" four times - every time it asks for a response from you.

Chase: 800-CHASE24 Hit five, pause, then hit one, four, star, zero

CIBC: 800-465-2422 Enter card# and pin, then press 0

CitiBank: 800-374-9700 Zero

FedEx: 888-GO-FEDEX say "REP" during the message

Verizon Wireless: 800-922-0204 dial # then double zero

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