October 13th, 2005


Nickel Creek Serenades Princess Leia

Next up in my ongoing series on starwars.com of who dig Star Wars, I got to interview Chris Thile -- mandolin player and singer for the Grammy-winning progressive folk/bluegrass trio Nickel Creek.

Not only is he a big fan, but he also plays the Star Wars customizable card game and reads a lot of the Exapnded Universe books and comics. And if that wasn't enough, he actually serenaded Carrie Fisher on the mandolin playing Princess Leia's Theme!

Sample quote from the interview:

"What happened next is still blurry, but she said something like, 'I wanna hear what you were going to play for me' and though I protested mightily, somehow, I found myself kneeling down in front of her playing 'Princess Leia's Theme,'" Thile fondly recalls. "She had a kind of distant look on her face at first, but after 15 seconds, a smile (of reminiscence, I think) was added. At one point, one of her friends leaned over and asked her what I was playing, to which she responded 'It's my theme!' I finished and launched into another round of apologetic prostration, but she silenced me by thanking me and -- oh, how I'll cherish this memory for the rest of my life -- feeding me a piece of bread. 'Nobody's ever done that for me before,' she said. Ms. Fisher, should you ever read this, I can now die happy."

Check out the full interview here:
Nickel Creek Serenades Princess Leia

Please read it and let me know what you think.

Next up on deck: Fallout Boy, Anthrax, Aqualung, Viva Voce and Snow Patrol!
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