October 20th, 2005


IMDb's Pitch Your Picture Poster Contest

Send us your original, unpublished poster (or photo) which conveys your idea for a movie -- including your fictitious movie's title and punchy tagline -- and you may be eligible for IMDb's Pitch Your Picture competition!

We will collect entries from October 7th through October 25th. Use only your original ideas and your original images for your made-up film. Do not use existing screen captures, posters, or stills from other films or photos or representations of real-life people (which will automatically disqualify the entry). Instead, create your own original movie poster that encapsulates your idea and that you think would get a prospective moviegoer to consider seeing your film instead of someone else's.

Eligible entries will be rated by IMDb users in an initial voting round. After this initial round, the highest-rated entities will move on to a final round, where our users will have the difficult task of choosing the three winners.

I know a lot of you are amazing artists -- so maybe you should submit something?
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