November 1st, 2005


Halloween Bowling 2005

Why go trick or treat when you can bowl as a drunk bunny?
Behold the Costumed Bowling Photos HERE.

and don't miss itsolivia's photos of the epic event here.

Highlight Reel:
* Waiting forever for cheese fries only to have earlyprose walk up and get a ginormous piece of free cake!
* Seeing skip in various arrays of Superman.
* almostgold's Hello Kitty bowling ball
* Having lundergaard teach me how the pros (and his dad) bowl
* Seeing pals I haven't seen in eons!
* Celebrating my 1-year anniversary knowing these lovely folks.
* Having camera wars with itsolivia, almostgold, simulacrum, and dearanxiety!
* Seeing neutron_x's "Red Dwarf" costume made my day.
* t_a_c_k makes a convincing Otto.
* Finally met lucidlew
* I think I may wear bunny ears wherever I go.

Thanks to Conan and Tanya for making my Halloween a BLAST!
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