November 9th, 2005


Going Postal: Call For Mail Art Exhibit

I'm a huge addict for mail art.
Heck, I even recently did a kids project on mail art for here.

So when I saw this I jumped:
Open Call for Submissions for The Envelope Collective

Send us anything you want. Tell us a story. Tell us a secret. Don't tell us anything. Draw a picture, paint a letter. Send us a blank piece of paper. What is your dream? What is your fear? Send a postcard. What is your most favorite thing in the entire world? Who was your first crush? Who do you love? Don't be constrained by the proportions of an envelope. Send a box. Send a box with something in it. Decorate this box, make it into a piece of art.

We only ask that you send us your name and email address (this is optional, but it would be really super) so that we can give you credit for your work on the site. Oh, and no anthrax. The Collective does not endorse terrorism, especially when it's directed at us.
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