November 28th, 2005


Today I am...

...busy, still fed up with certain XYs, tired, stressy, swamped.

Look forward to me being:
...less busy, relaxed, well-rested, ignoring said XYs, and smiley.

What I'm Working on NOW:
* 2 big fat articles for
* December Kids Crafts for
* Interview with Slipknot for
* Interview with Viva Voce for
* 2 non-fiction book proposals
* Updating the Artist section on
* Send out Lucasfilm holiday cards
* Send out Star Wars swag to bands and artists
* Shepard/Obey Giant profile
* Send out article queries to BUST, ReadyMade, ELLEgirl, MAKE
  • Current Music
    rogue wave -- 10:1