December 28th, 2005


Nothing better...

Nothing is more satisfying than drinking a cold orchata while eating Oreos, with a snoozy, warm puppy curled in your lap as you relax reading the latest issue of Juxtapoz and reading adventures from new friends on Livejournal. Especially when you spent all day trekking around San Francisco in the rain.
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Your Favorite Photo of Yourself from 2005?

Post your favorite photo of yourself from 2005
(in my comments area).

Here's mine:

Here I am directly after our Lucasfilm party at Comic-Con (pretty darn drunk) standing in line for the latest Harry Potter book waaaay past midnight wearing fake glasses at the nearest Borders Books scaring children and parents with my lushy antics. I'm wearing my "Republicans for Voldemort" shirt with geeky pride. More images here of that fateful evening.

Though the photo itsolivia took of me as a makeshift bunny during this year's Halloween Bowling Fest isn't too shabby either. More here.

(By the way.... I totally stole this idea from manningkrull)
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