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What Bonnie Did This Weekend...oh joy!

Friday eeeeeevening:
* Went to Michael's to get craft supplies for upcoming Star Wars kids' projects.
* Noticed that Michael's had nothing of what I need (brown fun fur, plastic for making boxes, etc., so I left with only a pillow form.
* Ate some McD's and did some late night writing.
* Read issues of Jane and laughed at my Delia's catalog full of starving hippies.

* Hung out with my pal Leigh Ann as she apartment hunted. I figured I could get more of a gist of what kinds of one-bedrooms are available when I do the same search over the summer. The ones we looked at were generally around $1400 and up, and not anything that I would get, though one of them on Corbett had a great view of the city.
* Proceeded to come home and watch a ton of movies I've been meaning to see but missed from being too busy:
The Hulk -- Loved the split screen and Jen Connelly. Hated the rest of the movie.
Finding Nemo -- LOVED the turtles and the humor. But does anyone else here think Disney has parent issues?
The end of Pieces of April -- which is the best part of the film anyway.

* Bought my balcony ticket for the Nine Inch Nails concert on April 27. Yipee.
* Read blogs and wrote a bit.
* Organized tax info and sent it off to my tax guy.
* Watched the following on the telly:
Red Dragon -- not as good as Lambs but still watchable.
Pirates of the Caribbean -- I could watch this over and over and over.
The Golden Bowl -- corset movie with Uma Thurman. Kinda dull.
Bollywood Hollywood -- I try and try. But I still don't like Bollywood films.
"The Sureal Life" -- I <3 Jane! And China needs mucho therapy!
"Fear Factor" -- Haven't watched this in years and now I remember why. I watched just the part where the supermodels had to fetch steel poles in a water tank full of gators. No bloodshed and super dull.
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