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A Message from my pals Clea & Keva (formerly of Foxy and POOT!):

Women, in general, rock. But you knew that. Now celebrate it with WOMEN'S HISTORY
MONTH, a holiday we think calls for a celebration all month (year!) long. So how to?
Why read Holidazed, the free book on Clea and Keva's website,
That's us! And we gots some good stuff to do in honor of the women in our lives.

And you know, March is not only the month of women, it's the official month of old
stuff. Seriously. You could combine the two and celebrate your grandma, or you could
keep em separate and hit the thrifts in droves, stop at every garage and yard sale
you see, even throw your own and get rid of some icky old stuff then take the money
and go buy new old stuff that will keep the circle of life in motion.

Most of all, go to our website, download the chapter, print it and keep it up till
you have a whole darn book, for free.

Feel the love. Pass it on.
Clea & Keva

I love that they are literally giving away their new book on their site. Very cooL!
These ladies are awesome! My profile on them was the first thing I ever wrote back for Wired magazine back in the day.
So be sure to check them out and say hello!
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