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The Story Behind the Palin Poison Tattoo

The Story Behind the Palin Poison Tattoo
Words: Bonnie Burton

Everyone who gets a tattoo has one heck of a back story about it. So while attending the San Jose Tattoo Convention this weekend, I couldn't help but think this design of VP candidate Sarah Palin as a Skull and Crossbones Poison tattoo was anything short of genius. The Palin Poison tattoo is done by tattoo artist Edu Cerro from O'Reilly's Tattoo Parlour in Santa Cruz, who was inking people with that design for FREE at the convention. I chatted with artistic mad scientist Dr. Sprinkles about why he got the tattoo and the reaction he's been getting since he went under the needle.

Why did you decide to get a Palin and crossbones poison tattoo?

I walked by and saw the Palin tattoo on a flash sheet for O'Reilley's Tattoo out of Santa Cruz and thought it was hilarious. Then I noticed the "free" sticker. I walked off chuckling to myself about getting that tattoo. When my friends and I sat down we kept talking about it and I decided to just do it. I wanted to have "Poison" written underneath to complete the design. First off, this made it look like the standard poison tattoo. Second, I'm not necessarily a
fan of the McCain/Palin campaign so it became a political statement as well. On top of all that, in a few years when no one remembers who Palin is, it's just some sexy librarian lady on my leg.

(Dr. Sprinkles gets inked with Palin design)

I'm a HUGE history buff so it's cool having some random piece of history tattooed on. Finally, as an artist I know what it's like when you really, really want to do a piece of art but can't find someone to commission it. This is especially hard if you are a tattoo artist and want to do a ridiculous tattoo on someone -- it can be hard to find a willing canvas basically. It's funny, it's an amazing piece of art and it was free!

Everyone who has seen the tattoo LOVES it! I had soooooo many people want to take pictures of it at the convention. In the last few days I've had a ton of people ask to see it as they hear about it.

(Final tattoo)
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