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Zombie Leia Dances to "Thriller"

(Photo courtesy of Oakley Boren.)
Zombie Leia has come for your braaaaaaaaains!

Zombie Leia Dances to "Thriller"

Words: Bonnie Burton

Every time I hear Michael Jackson's song "Thriller" I'm compelled to dress like a zombie and dance in the streets. Looks like I'm not alone. In fact, thousands of people do just that one day every year to celebrate Thrill the World. In the various video clips of zombies dancing their phalanges off, I noticed a Star Wars fan in the group in the form of Zombie Princess Leia, in the Los Angeles Thrill the World crew. Oakley Boren showed her zombie moves while dressed like Slave Leia -- a very creepy Slave Leia. I chatted with her about the Thrill the World event and why she chose to show off her Star Wars cred amongst the zombies.

What's the background behind Thrill the World? Describe it for people who may not know what it's all about.
Thrill the World is a worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's song "Thriller." A new world record has been set on October 25 at 11 a.m. PST (or October 26 in some parts of the world) for the most people danced to "Thriller" at the same time with 4,177 in 10 countries. This is the first time for Los Angeles to have a team and we managed to gather 114 participants at Hollywood & Highland Center including Thrill the World creator and director Ines Markeljevic from Toronto and actor/dancer Adam Sevani aka "Moose" from Step Up 2 the Streets as our Michael Jackson.

(Photo courtesy of Oakley Boren.)

Why did you decide to dress as a zombie Princess Leia?
Thrill the World Los Angeles had a dress code of dressy and glamorous, celebrity, or movie character. After all, we were dancing in Hollywood! I already bought and tailored this costume, so I figured why not mash the genres and make a zombie out of Princess Leia! To answer the questions some might ask, fortunately for me, fall hasn't arrived just yet in Southern California. If it was cold, I do have a brown Jedi robe I made for my Jedi costume last year. Oops. Did I just let my Star Wars geekery out of the closet?

Do you think Leia would make a good zombie?
I think she would. In that outfit, she doesn't even have to go find brains. Brains will come to her. Plus she already has a very good sense of smell to track the foul stench of her prey.

Who else in the Star Wars galaxy would make a good zombie?
Darth Vader is technically a zombie already so I'm going to stick with him. Just take his life support out and he's ready to go. And those who have seen the dance off video, we know he and his troopers can do the "Thriller."

So how did Leia turn into a zombie, anyway?
The back story to my zombie is that this is what can happen when Jabba the Hutt rolls over the wrong way!

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