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Nine Inch Violins

Ever wanted to hear Nine Inch Nail's Pretty Hate machine interpreted by a string quartet?
Now's your chance with this record called The String Quartet Tribute to Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine, out this April (same time as the new NIN With Teeth record).

Read more about it here.

Listen to samples here:
"Head Like a Hole"
"Terrible Lie"
"Something I Can Never Have"

If I ever manage to get married, I'm so hiring these guys to play at my wedding.

Also check out their previous NIN tribute here:

Track list includes:
1. Piggy
2. Hersey
3. Just Like You Imagined
4. Fragile
5. Into the Void
6. Closer
7. Something I Can Never Have
8. Suck
9. Eraser
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