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Mastodon Ready to Outrun IG-88 - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Mastodon Ready to Outrun IG-88

Mastodon Ready to Outrun IG-88
Words: Bonnie Burton

Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher not only collects Star Wars toys, his fandom is also skin deep -- quite literally with tattoos. He also named his son Harrison, after everyone's favorite sarcastic rogue. StarWars.com chats with Bill about his love for the saga and offers a few tips on how to escape the wrath of both Jabba the Hutt and IG-88.

Why did you decide to get Star Wars tattoos?
My Star Wars tattoos started a few years ago. I was in Chattanooga and a guy approached the stage after we were done and asked if I wanted some work. We went to his shop and he had Star Wars stuff all over his station -- books and toys, everything. I was a big collector then and started off with a bounty hunter sleeve. I always had a fascination with the bounty hunter 'scum' in the movies and the books about them.

Which of the bounty hunters is your favorite?
The evil assassin droid IG-88. He just is a crazy robot that would disintegrate you in a heartbeat. But then again if he were chasing you, you could just run up some stairs and he couldn't chase you. (He can't bend his knees.)

Read the full interview here:
Mastodon Ready to Outrun IG-88 (via Starwars.com)


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