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Star Wars Recycle Glitter Globe Craft - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Star Wars Recycle Glitter Globe Craft

craft by Bonnie Burton

Snow globes are fun to play with, but even more of a blast to make. It's a great way to recycle small glass jars and display extra Star Wars miniatures you might have handy.

This glitter globe recreates the snow tundra-like planet that you find the Talz species the Jedi and clone troopers encounter in the "Trespass" episode of The Clone Wars. But you can also use an AT-AT or wampa ice creature figure to make a Hoth scene. Or switch to green glitter and make a Dagobah scene.

Learn how to make one here:
Star Wars Recycle Glitter Globe Craft (via Starwars.com)


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