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Star Wars Lunch Bag Art - Grrl Still Kickin'
Blatherings from Bonnie Burton
Star Wars Lunch Bag Art

Star Wars Lunch Bag Art

words: Bonnie Burton

As a kid, brown bagging your lunch was always a gamble. Would you get an apple or a Twinkie? PB&J on Wonderbread or weird salami sandwich on rye? CapriSun or milk box? But one thing's for sure, if my dad drew awesome cartoons on my bag I'd be pretty excited.

Derek the dad does just that. Plus he blogs all his lunch bag art that his kids get to see every day. Recently, he drew portraits of a battle droid, a clone trooper and Yoda himself. Starwars.com chats with Derek about his art and why battle droids make decent lunch companions.

What made you decide to decorate lunch bags for your kids?

The markers and crayons were there, and I'd just put their names on the bags. I just got fancier as time passed.

What prompted you to do one of battle droids?

My son thinks the battle droids are funny. I have many questions about them myself. What are their lives like? Do they grieve for fallen friends? Do they know fear? Who builds them? Do they ever feel remorse for the evil they do, or is that an upgrade? Can a battle droid finish a tour of duty and become a different kind of droid? I like to think that R2-D2 was a particularly smart battle droid who earned a new body after he left the military.

What is your favorite bag so far?

I do like the battle droid a lot. Reproducing someone else's character design is interesting. You appreciate that the droid is goofy, but he's also a little scary.

I watch The Clone Wars series with my kids. There are strong female characters, which my daughter likes. There's a lot of mayhem, which my son likes. And I keep wondering, what will become of Ahsoka when Order 66 is given?

Check out Derek's art here:
Lunch Bag Art Blog

SOURCE: Official Starwars.com Blog


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