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Singing Taxidermy!

I love unusual taxidermy finds, and even though this isn't technically taxidermy, I have to admit I'm probably going to get this for my pad. That is as long as he isn't singing all the time. I wonder if I can swap out the voice chip to talk to me in a hot British accent, and play the new NIN cd instead.

Moose-ic to your ears
Wall-hanging stag heads are normally associated with the palatial homes of scary hunting, shooting, fishing country folk, rather than the rather more modest terraced abodes of smug, post-modern, karaoke-obsessed urbanites. But thanks to Buck all that is about to change. Not the usual stuffed trophy brought back after a day spent terrorising the local wildlife, Buck, who is hewn completely from quality plastic and other cool man made fibres, is actually the first stag, outside of a few haunted Scottish castles, who's able to wink, talk and deliver a note-perfect rendition of "Suspicious Minds."

Complete info here.

Apparently "as well as singing, Buck can talk too – just speak into the mike, and your words will come out of his mouth." heh. Imagine the possibilities!

(Originally read at Shiny Shiny)
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