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I am Soooo Glogging This!

FYI to those of you who dig sharing huge photo and image files, and also like that whole Friendster/MySpace model...and of course those of you who dig blogging:

Grouper Announces Glogs

Grouper, which enables legal, personal media sharing and communications in
private networks of friends and family, just made an annoucement yesterday
about it's latest application that now features Glogs -- private, rich
media logs enable multiple people in one group to post their ideas and
thoughts alongside music, photos, videos and other shared files to a
friends-only audience. The "Glog This" feature allows members to easily
comment on any shared files in the Glog. Plus the cool thing is that
there's are no limits on file type or size.

Basically Grouper is a free downloadable application that makes it easy
for folks who know each other to form private groups and stream music,
exchange photos, video clips and documents. Grouper uses peer-to-peer
technology and 256-bit encryption to allow private groups to connect
directly and securely.

In addition to Glogs, Grouper also has member lists and directory in a
Friendster/MySpace type style that shows dynamic lists that include select
files being shared by a member or within a group. Members can highlight
their favorite files and show them off to their groups. The software will
also surface newly shared files, the most popular files among members and
groups and files with descriptions by members. The new directory and
search engine helps users with similar interests make new friends. Users
can make their groups open to new people by listing them in the directory.

They can browse by category or search by key word to connect with
likeminded Grouper members. The Directory was born out of a desire to help
people explore narrower interests outside of their current friends'
repertoires which is awesome if you're looking for new music to download
or short films to watch online.

You can download it here:
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